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I can see her going back to being likeable again depending on how they handle her past and if they decide to go down the route of her adopting this self serving world view due to suffering and being constantly brought down by the world around her. So just make her one tough cookie with a soft inside (in that she actually just wants to gain control over her own fate and actually is less selfish than she lets on i.e. she cares for her friends)

I have to ask, is because my views are incredibly skewed due to seeing crazy folks in anime that made me not think of Saki being crazy? I mean I haven't seen signs of typical insane mannerisms that would tip me off so ...

Ledgem wasn't talking about how her selfish personality collrated with her piloting skills though. He was talking about how much her selfish personality clouded her views to the point where she jumped in head first into battle without any actual plan of action. It might have all turned out fine by the end, but it doesn't change that how she came across with her behaviour.
i meant to type fame crazy

to be fair she thought she was immortal because she was in the cockpit when l-elf said he killed haruto, to which she had a rude wake up call during the fight with her realizing she can be killed
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