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I don't take her words at face value

It's like when someone is saying they are doing this "for the money". Of course they are, but why do they need that? To pay a debt? To fund some crazy project? Are they living from paycheck to paycheck? Do they live in crap-sack world which made them disillusioned from ideals and pretty words? It's rare that someone says that simply because they are greedy.

Likewise Saki is saying she is doing this for fame. But why?
"If I don't my existence with vanish" is her answer, but what does it really mean?

It's clear that not having a good relationship with her father is one factor.

Idol job is probably another. If it's anything like the real world Japanese idol industry than being an idol is really quite a crappy job, so I don't think she is the only bitter ex-idol who was cast away. But it's another chip on her shoulder

"The world tried to kill me" shows that she views the world as a whole as antagonistic towards her and she feels victimized

Finally her obsession with vampires are not just because Valvrave turns you into a neck biting non-human, but because vampires are traditionally seen as outcast of society. People who can't fit in. She identifies with that.

So what I think she's really saying is she wants someone to acknowledge her. But I don't think she understands this herself.

I think gaining one million followers on Twitters will act as a stop gap, but in the end it will not make her feel fulfilled.

additionally, while she claims she doesn't have any interest in Haruto, that line asking him about how it felt being a lonesome vampire suggest that she empathizes with that
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