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Originally Posted by maximilianjenus View Post
Spoiler for about takano clinic:
Yeah that might be true, but I think then we are forgetting something. First: keep it in mind that the whole Tokyo group always intended to gain a weapon from the whole syndrome.
Spoiler for that scenario:

Didn't Rika mention during Kai that the reason K1 moved to Hinamizawa was because his father saw two little girls playing in a field? Specifically Rika and Hanyuu, therefore suggesting that Hinamizawa was a good (safe) place to raise children (ironic isn't it?). If this event does not happen, K1 doesn't move to Hinamizawa.
yes but I believe that scene happens only after K1 got into the shooting incident which made his Dad to start looking for a new place where he could work in peace. He was carrying a photomachine as far as I remember which we could interpret it even such a way that he was making photos so they can decide it with mommy or even with Keichii if the place is alright to move. Obviously it might be possible that he was only using photographs to inspire himself later with (he's an artist).

Spoiler for k1:

Yeah that's also possible.
I actually just started to think following that.
I was in the impression that multiple things cannot be different in each world, so that's the reason I was assuming that we only need to follow Frederika's interference with Takano, and the result would be pretty much the same as it is now. However! There are no rule which says only one difference can be between Rika's worlds.
Or I go even further. What if Frederika interfered with loli 34 in an already different world (the same one we got after the reboot in now), and that's why some things like K1's absence are "normal" here. I mean not the result of anyone's interference, instead it's only the abnormality by chance, random misfortune in which case, -just like in past worlds according to Rika, his parents simply did not move to Hinamizawa here.
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