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I'm not sure whether I answered to this thread before. Still it would make an interesting update given the new anime...

Macross Zero
Macross Plus had nice dogfights and focus on the Valkyries but had flabby storytelling and a tacked-on 'epic' ending. Macross Zero has better direction and there's been an undercurrent of war all the way. Surprisingly the best chereographed fight scene to me was the dogfight between the normal planes. Although the Roy Fokker and his Russian rival came close. =P

Cowboy Bebop: Knocking on Heaven's Door (the Movie)
Wow, the movie is what the episodes could have been and wasn't due to the time restriction/budget etc. Vincent is a better tragic villian that Vicious. Something about having a katana in a world with handguns didn't appeal to me.

Red Riding Hood carries a bomb. Makes me wish for an OVA or TV series of the Cerebus Panzer Crops. The ending blows you away literally.

Figure 17
A weird mish-mash of genres but I saw it as mainly a growing-up anime with the sci-fi elements as plot devices. The ending is emotional but without much fanfare as befits the series.

Kokoro Toshokan
Episode 11 ... this is the best climax ever. The anti-war message from the reading and it highlights the difference between "offense is the best defence" and "I'll protect my people". Who ever though that such a cutesy anime can have such a deep message.
This anime is the one that cements Chiwa Saitou as the best seiyuu ever for crying scenes. If you don't have a crying scene, you're wasted her talent!
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