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Originally Posted by aahhsin
2. Pokemon

Cmon any idiot can see what it did to the entire world.
While I don't dislike the anime (Heck, the latest movie is actually really, really good), I think it was more the games that brought on the phenomenon. Backed up by the show, the merchandising, and a successful card game at a time when such games were a really big thing created a splash the world over.

Originally Posted by arias
I need to argue that there needs to be more Ghibli in this thread.

Unless this thread is about anime series.
I would argue that this thread needs less of the trendy, popular this week, unpopular the next, anime, and more of the really, really good anime that is remembered fondly many years afterwards. Ghibli, Matsumoto, and Yokoyama Mitsuteru's works don't seem to get as much respect in the internet community's short term memory span that can't seem to recall anything before Eva, and even that is starting to get a little fuzzy.
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