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Originally Posted by Radd

I would argue that this thread needs less of the trendy, popular this week, unpopular the next, anime, and more of the really, really good anime that is remembered fondly many years afterwards. Ghibli, Matsumoto, and Yokoyama Mitsuteru's works don't seem to get as much respect in the internet community's short term memory span that can't seem to recall anything before Eva, and even that is starting to get a little fuzzy.
Agreed, I can remember thoroughly enjoying some of the earlier works in anime...vague peices that never really managed to make it big outside of japan but nevertheless put most modern anime to shame (and for gods sake noteworthy readers please dont try comparing pokemon to these)...the days of 8th Man (The Armored Man), Gigantor (Return Of The Spider), Astroboy (The Monster Machine), and Leo the Lion (The Case of the Moonlight Stone) are sadly missed (more for their originality than anything else). I'm still trying to find some story driven anime that is as good or better than haibane renmei, serial experiments: lain, or even last exile....sadly nothing much seems to have poped up (samurai champloo looked interesting for the first ep but it got licenced). I still cant beleive how badly they screwed up the artimage: polymatrix english release, even as I watched it I knew it used to be a good anime (I had actually seen the original japanese ova's) but I couldnt really get past the crappy dubbs to see its hidden charm in the english version...well, just goes to further the lesson that the only good dub is a dead dub (so far anyway).

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