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Originally Posted by Joe_fh View Post
The example of everyone being scared of Alicia because she is a WMD on their side is really wrong. IF you think of her as a weapon - you usually feal secured when you have a thing like that on your side. In fact it boost morale a lot and considering Alicia won that battle I'm pretty sure there's no reason to be that afraid that you'll say she's scary and stuff like that. Especially considering the fact they are, from what she said and the things they went through until now, her family. I understand if the're are scared FOR her since she'll have to face a lot of hardships from now on but that's really different. They needed to show they're concerned about her and not that "crap" (well it wasn't really all that bad but it was way over the top and really random).

Oh and generally if a very close person to you changes, in most cases you try to support him if you really love and care for him/her...especially if the change wasn't his/her choice (like in this case)
Except Valkyria is a race that exterminated their own race.
I also raised numerous times before but few addressed------she's not using her Val power by her will but, what I'll understand as, her "thirst" for combat as a Valkyria. Yeah, she won a battle for them right now, but as long as she's not wielding her power by her own will like Selveria did, there's still also a chance for her going berserk. Hence the fear.
If you understand why the medic from the Standing Army fears her so much then one can understand why some members of 7th will fear about her so much------no, it's not about friendship/familyship but basic human thoughts of insecurity.

I'm sure that some animes long time ago also showed the same thing, though I forgot which exact piece where it's from......
Obviously ,hope is the first step to the road of disappointment.
But no fear, people can only overcome disappointment when one still has hope in the mind.
So keep on fighting UNTIL THE GOAL IS REACHED!!
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