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Originally Posted by Joe_fh View Post
True but they didn't really know that she wasn't in control of her powers - she showed up atacked the enemy, saved them and passed out. The medic left me with more ofan ipression of aclumsy person that is afraid to speak to someone important thus she is nervous. The Vlakirias were godesses of war so it's more normal to hail them as heroes. Another point is that at no time was it mentioned that they killed their own race or if it was, it was in the episode with the ruin thus only Faldio, Welkin and Alicia knew. Heck most soldiers acted like they didn't know what a Valkyria is.
You know, when you see Imperial troops, they are always pumped up when Selvaria's out there, know nothing about Valkyrias' history and only think about having her on their side (and don't pull out the concious vs. unconscious stuff). About Gallian forces and Squad 7, they can be surprised and still get pumped up about finally having help on their side without acting like ignorants.

Mind you I was talking only about the people in Squad 7. The others probably had more of a reason to hail her as a hero since they didn't really care about her feelings as a person. The first instinct might be to be afraid but that would normally last for the first few minutes. They know her well enough so they don't have a decent reason to be afraid. I mean they didn't even talk to do they know she changed as a perso? Well they don't. They're judjing her without reason.

...And ot top of that they're all war veterans so they should be able to adapt and asses the situation way more quickly than a normal person...
A FEW MINUTES OF FEAR, nothing more! That's how it should be considering Squad 7 had a big share of tough, deadly and almost impossible operations (Squad 7 should be Gallia's version of the 2nd Rangers in WWII by now). These guys should already be hardened veterans by now with more than enough composure to handle the situation and never to judge Alicia too quickly. Besides, knowing you have a Valkyria on your side, you should be more than happy that the chance to kick Imperials out of the country is looming large since Selvaria got nailed.

Originally Posted by Illieas View Post
I agree aisha's reaction and some them call for her gone was well bluntly melodramatic and unnecessary (just stating concern would have been enough). i think the base idea of the squad airing out concerns was a necessary component. which would have been one welkin rousing speech to get everyone back to their senses.
What did I say in my earlier rant on her case? If you can't take it, the fool should pack up and go home in disgrace. If you ask me, her reaction IS a disgrace for a soldier, especially a supposedly hardened veteran (despite her age) with the number of tough battles Squad 7 has been involved in. What's even worse is that we didn't have Rosie (immediate superior to the likes of Aisha) to grab Aisha, scold her, reprimand her with reminders about Alicia's true person, and throw her to the ground with disgust should we go there to keep discipline (never you should talk that way about our sergeant, our friend and big sister). You should not even need your top superior to get out there and get everyone back to their senses when these soldiers can, to some extent, already be called veterans.

I will see what happens next, but I feel that some idiots are putting more drama than we need to when the focus should be on the next 2 fronts of the war: the Imperial stronghold at the border and Maximilian's Marmota.
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