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Originally Posted by KiraYamatoFan View Post
You know, when you see Imperial troops, they are always pumped up when Selvaria's out there, know nothing about Valkyrias' history and only think about having her on their side (and don't pull out the concious vs. unconscious stuff). About Gallian forces and Squad 7, they can be surprised and still get pumped up about finally having help on their side without acting like ignorants.
But they know her call sign as "azure witch". And I think she has also shown her powers already earlier of the series. In addition. She is in Rank of a General. Don't think that she only get to this rank sleeping with Maximilian. She is known as something special or even more she is accepted as a descendant of the valkyrs.
Born the same day as Satoshi Urushihara... Ill fated?
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