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Oh, you know...Things like killing Bella and the professor with absolutely no remorse. And season 1 could be useful in answering questions like...Who the heck is Mao? and Why Hei is different from your regular contractor and possibly Are all contractors heartless bastards?.
I don't have those questions (why would I?), and I'm hardly as nitpicky on the things I watch as I'm on the things I write. That said I wouldn't be here arguing if I felt watching S1 following common sense (which you yourself seem to preach) actually helped in this case. Also, Hei and Yin are not the main focus in this one (go watch the opening you skipped) and Mao is dead, not that I care.

The attitude of you people to spoilers and apparent chronological order is hypocritical honestly. You don't like spoilers because its apparently always more fun to watch it or find it out later but recommend everyone goes and watch S1 as a must, even though this one is more of a side story.
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And chances are, that if you lose interest and believe the first season to be a burden, chances are you probably aren't going to like the second season as well.
You are generalizing, that is very fragile ground you walk. While I did watch S1 now, I sure can do nothing about the hole gossip train that was going on each week when it aired, so your absolute values in your arguments have no meaning to me and never will.

Also, I wouldn't call the first season a burden. It had episodic "Contractor of the week" theme with 3 key episodes thrown in to hint to the ending and some cheap links here and there. You then had the filler arcs with no conclusion - who did fatsinger and poet boy work for in the end? - and cheesy filler characters like the detective and gangster. I would say S1 had potential and did nothing with it; lets face it Hei and co. played more the role of the weird 3rd party rather then the protagonist(s).
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