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Originally Posted by Shergal View Post

And one last thing. People still think this show is about the "mysteries"?
Why shouldn't people think that?

1) There's been at least one mystery comprehensively explored in each and every episode so far. This would be akin to K-On having at least one insert song per episode... So at the very least, Hyouka takes its mysteries more seriously than K-On took its music.

2) The mystery surrounding Chitanda's Uncle was actually very good, on its own merits. It was a very good mystery that was spread out over a few episodes. It contributed greatly to the quality of Episodes 4 and 5.

Now, if a show bills itself as a Mystery show, has mysteries in every episode, has an actually good multi-episode mystery for 3 of its first 5 episodes, then I think viewers have a right to take it as a Mystery show and to expect more mysteries (hopefully good ones).
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