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Originally Posted by Shergal View Post
It was explicitly stated in the episode that he wrote the letters in lowercase because he was a Math teacher, and variables are commonly written in lowercase. One gets accustomed to it after decades of doing it.
Math teacher or not, I'm questioning the action itself. Think of it this way: I am a Science teacher and must teach from a Chemistry textbook written in proper English. When describing chemicals in an everyday sentence, do you say "these bananas contain K" because you're a Science teacher? No, you say "these bananas contain potassium".

Same idea here. Even if you're a math teacher, Japanese schools use capital letters for categorizing their rooms, and a teacher (who goes through AT LEAST 2 years of rigorous study of this setting) would undoubtedly have the basic skills needed to separate his variables from his notes. I take it most of us here aren't certified teachers, and we can all do this.

But y'know, once again I'm not letting this get to me as the episode was nice. It's just something that I did find odd. I even consulted my Japanese teacher about it, and she said there's no way a teacher would make a mistake like that. Maybe it was intentional portrayed this way to show how easily the teacher could fly off the handle?

And one last thing. People still think this show is about the "mysteries"? It's obviously an almost pure slice of life with Iyashikei elements, the riddles are just a secondary device for easier characterization and to give direction to the episodes. Instead of "the soothing adventures of the Classics Club" you get "the soothing mystery-solving Classics Club", but the overall feeling and purpose of the show would be the same in both cases.
I definitely see what you're saying, but there's plenty of reason for people to think that. It's the main drawing point aside from Chitanda's eyes and overall stunning visuals. It's been advertised to death as a "mystery" series. It's centered around a group that seems to nothing more than gather and try solving mysteries. Even when they're out of school in casual wear, they're sitting in Chitanda's ridiculously large settlement and solving a mystery.

Your point does make good sense though. On the whole, it kind of feels like a less over-the-top Haruhi setting at times, and that certainly wasn't sold as a "mystery" series. So in the case of characterization and everything else that happens outside of the mystery solving (which honestly does take up over half of each episode), I can see how it can be classified differently.
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