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Season 3
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I've never really held a high opinion of the plots of Index or Railgun to begin with.[/QUOTE]

I beg to disagree.

But let's not get into that discussion right now...

Anyway, this episode was excellent. If I view this while forgetting the original material then it definitely becomes enjoyable.

I think the problem is that people are automatically down-grading this because it isn't liberal arts city...

In the end, since we are stuck with this I feel personally like we should just enjoy it for what it is.

If you want to hate it, then you have 8 or 7 less episodes of Railgun S that you can enjoy and see with high quality animation...

Maybe there are some problems with the storyline here, but in my opinion it is certainly better than nothing. I appreciate the world-building. Also, anything is weak in comparison to Kamachi's latest creations in the parent story, so I think the standards being used to judge how good this is are rather high

We should realize this is still the end of season 2 and be comparing it to the end of Index II in terms of quality. (not actually talking about Index II, but you get what I mean...)

In the end, this isn't done so badly.
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