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Originally Posted by Qilin View Post
Why is that a problem?

The story makes it a point to show that despite the level gap, her friends are still capable of doing something to contribute. Just the fact that she was able to tell them the entire situation already shows huge character growth on her part. I haven't seen any case of her literally lowering her abilities just to stand alongside them anyway.
Its a problem because it feels forced. When a character's capabilities have to be cut on half in order to allow another character or group of characters to be useful, it creates narrative problems and people begin to question why didn't Misaka do x or y instead.

Its the same with Anti-Skill. The situation as presented there is like saying the American Military wouldn't step in to stop a terrorist threat because the company that supplies their weapons doesn't want them to.

In order to facilitate Misaka asking her friends for help, everyone else has to become half as competent.

And as for the villains? They're cringe worthy. I'd feel more threatened if Team Rocket were the bad guys.

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