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Originally Posted by Ashaman View Post
Its the same with Anti-Skill. The situation as presented there is like saying the American Military wouldn't step in to stop a terrorist threat because the company that supplies their weapons doesn't want them to.
Antiskills are always incompetent. It does not matter if it is Index / Railgun Anime, PSP Game or Movie.

Originally Posted by Ashaman View Post
In order to facilitate Misaka asking her friends for help, everyone else has to become half as competent.
This is just like saying that because of having to ask for her friends, Mikoto have also become half competent.

Saten, Uiharu, Kuroko nor Kongo have done absolutely nothing important yet to really contribute to the story.
Everything important was done by Mikoto alone. She even gets to deal with the bad guys at the end by herself.

Everything they practically do are beating the robots so Mikoto can save Febli.
If they suddenly dissapeared, then nothing would have changed. So I think blaming this on them is quite wrong.

Yes, JCStaff could have done better with some parts, but that's bad writting, not fault of some extra characters doing... nothing...
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