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Based on a Pachinko-slot game made by DaitoGiken.Simple storyline about Yoshimune,a shogun who rules the Edo castle, punishing corrupted officials.He sometimes goes out of the castle in disguise to know more about the situation. Hiyama Nobuyuki as Yoshimune, Iwao Junko as Hime.(fun fact:the main/supporting characters have no names except Yoshimune.They're all like Hime,Chibi-Hime,Swordmaster,Kuno(female ninja is called Kunoichi)..etcs)

Features an edo+future fusion world where the main character rides around the Edo castle in a motorcycle(with a rather unique looking helmet) and the princess dances all night in the Edo Nightclub.

Official Website:

First impression: The anime is so adorable I have to watch it.
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