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Originally Posted by holyman282 View Post
lol that's not really my point... What i'm saying is despite the fact that she's only young i still can't see her raising kids in the near future (e.g. 20's) As she is now i really don't see room for maturity. She's certainly intelligent I'll give her that, but intelligence isn't everything, street smarts are also important and she's greatly lacking in that department.
I think a part of her problem is the fact that she has never had siblings. The face she made when she said have siblings is nice said it all. I do agree with you that she is intellgient no doubt but she is also very selfish and i agree i dont see her maturing very much. But then again she is only 13 i mean people can change look at the difference that Saku made when she was younger and the difference Hayate has made in such a short time.
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