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I disagree with you all.
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lol that's not really my point... What i'm saying is despite the fact that she's only young i still can't see her raising kids in the near future (e.g. 20's) As she is now i really don't see room for maturity. She's certainly intelligent I'll give her that, but intelligence isn't everything, street smarts are also important and she's greatly lacking in that department.
Her 20's aren't in the near future. They're half her life distant!

Immature? She's thirteen. Immature and thirteen is practically a pleonasm. If immature 13 years old never grow up to have children, the human race will be extinct in short order.

Sakuya, too, is immature. Just look at her Manzai obsession, and how it influences her interactions with everyone around her.

Hell, I know I was immature at her age, and I'm pretty sure you were, too.

Street smarts? Useful for people who have to get to street level. Nagi, OTOH, can wave most of the "street" problems away - that's why she employs people. For a thirteen years old, she is reasonably adapted to her environement. Of course, it's not saying much.
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