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Originally Posted by DarkLordOfkichiku View Post
Sacrified one eye for more power, was a very good tactican/strategican and chess player, operated under many guies/aliases and so on.. Oh, yes I can see it
Yeah, it really does fit though I hope his death doesn't happen.

Originally Posted by KrimzonStriker View Post
Heimdall then as a possible alternative?

Edit: No, wait, that sounds more like a match for Schinizel now, or Suzaku... >_>

Still, Fenrir fits Lelouch in that he grew too big to be contained by the Gods and would ultimately be the one to slay the head honcho Odin <_<
That would indeed fit more with them I think.

Yeah, but wasn't Fenrir evil? I don't exactly like that idea.

Enough with the myth talk though. That is more for the philosophy thread.
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