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Originally Posted by MeisterBabylon View Post
0.001% Gin-irokane then? The shield diameter is about half an arms length.
You should also consider the color of irokane. The color of irokane gives hints on probably element. Give consideration to element and grade.

Originally Posted by YoakeNoHikari View Post
Supernatural System Spoilers"

Expanding more:

超能力('ability') is broken up into around 70~80 attributes. Each ability user has a grade from G1-G25, with G25 being the strongest. Ability is free to be used as long as you have enough spiritual energy. The higher grade you are, the more quickly you consume your spiritual energy, which is tied to your stamina.
You can copy the ability of an opponent given that you know how it works but knowing it doesn't give you high chance to copy it. You need to be an awesome guy (probably smart and really good, more like a monster and not human at all in skills)to even manage to copy it.

Though even if you copy the ability it still fall in the grade or G of your power. The higher the grade the stronger the spell or ability.
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