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Originally Posted by CrowKenobi View Post
Okay, how about when critiquing anyone's idea, let's leave the personal attacks out of it. If you can't give an honest critique without being rude, then don't bother.

Also, how about placing some of this TL;DR stuff under spoiler tags to keep things neat?
You've never been to Outer Cadia, I take it. *laughs ruefully* This is nothing compared to some of the Backlog Breakers we used to do.

Still, duly noted.

Spoiler for Replies to SaintessHeart:

Now, with regards to the usage of characters, since this seems to have been missed out, I would like to reiterate: if your intent with your OCs is to release them to other authors to use, then all of this sticking to your guns is nonsensical, as once you release an OC to another author the other author has the power over your OC. Thus all this drawings of lines in the sand is pointless.

Again, as I have said earlier, if one wants one's OCs to be used by other authors, one must sell the character to the other authors. The best way to do this is by writing.

To give an example, one of the most popular charecters in Star Wars Expanded Universe is a redhead named Mara Jade, created by Timothy Zahn in Heir to the Empire. Zahn was so good in selling his characters that he essentially created SW EU. He was so good at setting up the chemistry with Mara and Luke Skywalker that for many fans she was the only romantic option for him. And then it was decided to kill off Mara in the recent NJO books - Zahn wasn't pleased about that, but he recognised that Mara Jade was like any other character created by any writer in the shared Star Wars EU - any author can use another author's characters and the original creator has no say.

tl;dr - you want people to use the Unamichi siblings, sell them to other authors by writing and be prepared to lose creative control. Give and take is needed, and right now there's not much give on your part, SaintessHeart.

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