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Originally Posted by Godlike1889 View Post
Godlike's Gifts

Gift Patchy

I didn't like the outcome of the first signature, so made you a second one! Take a pick

Seriously guys do I now not deserve the nobel prize of being the laziest photoshopper ever? D:
Anways, if you're not satisfied with the gift just tell me, when I am in a good mood, I will make you another one ;D
Oh my I have 2!!!...

Nope the first one isn't bad at all.... ^^ heck I really loved it.... and it's been a while since I saw Taiga!!!! kyahhh!!!

Yomi sig is pure epic ^^..... I really loved animation, and I wanted a sig like this for a while now... so will used this 2 asap.... ^^

Yup you don't deserve it, since this one makes for all that laziness of yours, maybe you've taken some medicine to remove that laziness part... or maybe you've passed it to me...
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