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All in all, I would think that Kahula and Moka would have gotten along. It didn't seem as though she fought much against Kahula and she is unusually nice for a vampire, outside of orders. Kahula and Akasha also seemed like a good pair as well - Kahula was never disrespectful of Akasha and we know how well Akasha treated the girls. I think that Kahula liked Akasha more than her own mother, especially since Gyokuro seems to treat Kahula like just another pawn. While Gyokuro was gone, Kahula must have relaxed a lot
with everyone.

As for Ura's reaction...


Moka: ... Why ... Akua-neesan ... ? Why must you continually take the things that are precious to me away? Wasn't Mother enough for you...?

Akua: Moka... That's not why I did all of this. This was so I could free the real you! You've been caged long enough!

Moka: And for that, you've destroyed a part of me that I've had as an only comfort for all the missing years I had to deal with because of my memories being blocked... You've destroyed someone most precious to me becuase of what she allowed me to experience..what she allowed me to become!

Akua: ...who are you talking about? You can't be talking about that fake personality that imprisioned you!?

Moka: Fake? FAKE!? She was more of a sister to me than you EVER WERE, AKUA!!
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