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Thing is, I don't recall having anything quite like that last year. This caused the mid-to-high end to be pretty predictable, as they were all "old names" from long-completed anime shows, with fairly static power levels.
What new shows are there that involved a girl in the competition anyway? Only one I can think of off top of my head is Shana, and of course, she turns around and beat the previously undefeated Kanade.

Saber and to a lesser extent, Rin are the only two girls that has power shoot way up. Eu has been pretty strong even dating back to last year. Not defeating Kuroneko strong, but she was up in upper Tier 2.

Okay, there's the counterexample of Hitagi & Nadeko, who didn't quite get the Saber like boost. But Nisemonogatari is not ongoing, though...
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