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Originally Posted by orpheus2 View Post
With the memory loss revealed, it carries a heavier implication to Red Rider's and Purple King's relationship. KYH unknowingly destroyed their relationship and Purple King's grudge is more justified.
Meaning that Purple Thorn in real-life still recognizes Red Rider, even if his memories were erased? Whatever made KYH to did that, someone else must have pulled the string over there.

Now then, the ARG anticipated this memory loss and added their own feature by making sure the BIC is also dissolved with BB. They are quite thorough.
And it also implies that the ARG is responsible for illegally-distributing the BIC, is it?

You have to wonder though what was the creator's true goal with this game. I am getting similar vibes to SAO...
Any similarities?

With Fuko rejoining NN, the legion is becoming a significant force. I am sure the kings will not ignore this development.
Sure... having a level 8 Burst Linker is indeed a significant boost for NN. Of course the other legions couldn't care less of its growing strength.
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