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A good episode, and an enjoyable final arc, in the end. I also applaud the staff for actually putting together a well-animated final episode, which hasn't been the norm for series like this as of late.

Of course, Chiyu's plan didn't really make any more sense than Nomi's ("I can't tell you about my secret plan b/c Nomi might have bugged me, but I've been emailing Hime all week long about what's really been going on, b/c as Haru knows from personal experience, email is totally secure . . .") nor put much faith in Haru:

Chiyu: "I wanted to wait until just before Nomi beat you to steal your wings back, to really rub it in."
Haru: "Wait, you thought I was going to lose?"
C: ". . ."
H: "What if I would have beaten Nomi before you had a chance to "heal" him? What would happen to my wings then?"
C: "Well, uhhh . . . [rips off shirt] look at my boobs again!"
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