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Originally Posted by judasmartel View Post
All I could say about the ending is... HOLY CRAP, Chiyu. HOLY CRAP.
Chiyu is being... Chiyu? Yeah.

I think I got an impression that Chiyu literally likes to 'troll' not only Noumi and her two best friends, but also towards many of the viewers and the fellow fans. That so-called 'NTR queen' sure has a full of surprises. ...yet can be dangerous at the same time.

I guess this fits her to be a femme fatale. Well, this is the type of a girl we mustn't mess around with.

Yes, Chiyu has literally screwing around our minds... anytime if she wants to. If dare to mess with her, and if you've affected by her 'curse'; you don't run, you're screwed.
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