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Yea the Colony Bodies of the Brains are most certainly destroyed by Leopard in the Nerval Incident, but Nervalists managed to save the Brains themselves.

Leopard himself may have went on a rampage for some reason and without maintainence and patching up of colony walls, he had been leaking parts like what happened in episode 1.

I brought a discussion with Cat Magex in the episode 10 thread, it may be spoilers for those who haven't watch episode 10, but this is the spoiler thread anyway lol:
Originally Posted by Cat Megex View Post
Hm...I don't think being a Nervalist automatically makes someone a box-person, though. I mean, look at Tsutsuji. She doesn't have a box, but at this point it's fairly safe to assume that she's a Nervalist. Also, the prisoners back at St. Artemis weren't box-people, but they suddenly had boxes on their heads when Aleida appeared. The same sort of boxes that they were manufacturing, in fact....

My thoughts are... now to be taken to the Spoilers and Speculation thread. ;>_>
I think there are 2 types of Nervalists, those who chose to be one themselves and those who got captured and succumbed to Nervalism.

Those who chose to be Nervalists are probably Aleida, Tsutsuji and maybe the council.

Then there are those who Aleida abducted long ago, they eventually become Boxes or Boxmen. The show itself uses these 2 terms, Hako-chan is a Box, a Part, they refer to the men with boxes over their heads as 'Hako-ningen', basically Boxmen.

I'm thinking that Nerval makes all Nervalists into EX-QTs, those who serve him willingly will become his agents, while those abducted as parts will work as slaves or serve as powerplants.
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