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Originally Posted by incorrupts View Post
I would not put credit to this at all, it is like arguing about Shirley and her father in Stage 12. 8D
Kids are kids, so yeah.
Yeah, kids always talk about marrying members of their immediate family

Honestly though, I never thought much of Lelouch/Euphie, Lelouch/Nunnally or what-have-you since I don't think the writers were seriously aiming for that and plus, you know, incest is icky.

As for the SuzaKallen thing, yeah you raise a good point blade. I have to agree. Not that I consider SuzaKallen all that likely to happen anyway.

@Kid Ying: As I've said before, I just want to give everyone a chance to say whatever they've been holding in or any manifestos they want to deliver before I give my surprise. But hey, if no one has anything major to say then I'll gladly get on with it.
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