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Originally Posted by Sydney2K
Well, strictly speaking volume 4 will be released in English in February. We're not supposed to talk about scanlations of licenced manga here.
The thing is... Most of the guys in here got started on Negima with the scanlations. Negima (and Love Hina) wouldn't be as popular if it weren't for them. Also, the scanlations are the only means for some of us to actually read this work of art.

I mean... The next volume of Negima will be coming in February 2005 which is a long time to wait.

By the way, I prefer reading the Del Ray licensed version to the scanlations because I don't strain my eyes against a computer screen and because it contains extras, translation notes, and it is adapted by Peter David (I think that his changes and additions add a lot to the overall hilarity of the story).

The only real problems I've had so far with the Del Ray version is that the first volume didn't have coloured pages, and the whole "Southern Master" thing (I mean, you'd think the translator could at least read ENGLISH, right?)

However, I am a Negima-addict, I want more, and the Del Ray dealers just won't give me my fix on time!
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