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Originally Posted by TheDrifter View Post
i thought this was going to be a horrible episode. it's a good thing my expectations are so low. i actually enjoyed this episode.

+shoe feels bad for killing someone. shows he is human.
+that funny American guy made an appearance
+shoe acknowledges hare's love
+hare is just so cool
+gai looked vulnerable throughout the whole episode. i liked how he has to keep his "mask" on in front of that old guy, and his teammates. but he appears to be dying. on the emotional level, he also likes inori. now i hate inori, and i wish it was some other girl he liked, but the fact that he likes someone and is doing all this for that one person...idk i guess i like that trait.
+shoe made a move on hare
+hisoka/joker was also nice to see. i liked how excited he got
+shoe made inori cry. HHAHAHAHAH GOOD.
+the guy that got arrested, and then freed from his jail. i like how stupid these people are...he just waltz right back to you with some special weapon...and not be suspicious?

now for things i didn't like
-the funny american guy seems to be dying
wow that's it lol. not much i hated this week. and i usually have a lot of hatred to dish out.

i wonder when the blonde american kid is going to do a heel face turn...
i think the girl gai like is the misterious girl that link his and shu past and inori is somewhat a tool to revive that girl since she's probably a clone or something like that
Spoiler for my speculation:
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