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Kenpachi is most likely not going to win against Buckbeard and his minion but I bet it will be very entertaining I'm speechless, what an entrance!

Originally Posted by ReinhartX View Post
even if its death for byakuya it feels too anti-climatic like....what thats it???
agreed.. at first I thought it felt rushed but now I think it's more like Kubo doesn't care much for this character anymore

although I can't think of a better way for a Captain to die.. his own Bankai, wow

Originally Posted by GDB View Post
Wasn't it established that if a zanbatou shatters (not just gets split like Zangetsu did way back) then the user dies, as its tied to their soul or something? Or am I just misremembering? Because Byakuya's sword definitely shattered.
I think he said it is a sign that the user will die shortly after. But afair this should be considered ancient knowledge in the manga world I'm not sure I was allowed to drive a car when Byakuya said this.
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