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Being a non LN anime watcher, I sort of got my fancy with episode 1 (admittedly due to Tsunako's excellent design) and subsequently read a bit vol1.

So far, I can't say the anime is doing a good job with the adaptation. Perhaps it is me, but from an anime only viewer, the pacing of the series is quite messed up, with little to no transitions between the scenes, leaving a rather poor impact regarding the gag or the tension build up.
But after reading the LN, I can't help but think the adaptation is playing the "gag" approach way too much, which leave to some rather awkward comedy portions (yeah sure, date land and so forth are over the top to begin with, but adding even more stuff of that kind make it more like of a bad slapstick impression than anything).
I sure felt Tohka a bit more on the "idiot" side with her glutton moments in the anime for instance.

But surely episode 6 takes the cake, by enhancing the filler impression. It isn't even used as an excuse for fanservice, which leave you with quite... dry jokes left and right.

Thus far, the anime manage to sort of patch through exactly because the anime isn't taking itself seriously, but it will feel weird when Kurumi will show up.
I guess I should catch up the LN in the future.
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