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Originally Posted by Myname
The Archer class is a joke isn't it?

"Archer" might as well be called Saber, same goes for Gilgamesh.

Freaking, Archer used his bow ONCE. His ultimate attack is to create unlimited SWORDS?!?!?

Gilgamesh doesn't even have a bow. He's got a bunch of melee weapons. I guess he's kinda like an archer. All he does is shoot out energy beams.
Eirei Emiya was an Archer class because of his Eyes of the Mind, and his ridiculously overpowered Broken Phantasm.

Gilgamesh was an Archer because he can shoot out his Noble Phantasms from his vault.

The Archer class gives a bonus to the special abilities that the Eirei possesses. Unlike Sabers, whose special abilities are not that expendable, Archers are able to use their skills (Noble Phantasms) with little penalty.

The Archer class is freaking powerful when used properly. You didn't see the UBW path animated, so you don't know the power and skill that Archer displayed.

Originally Posted by Deathkillz
gil does know how to use the weps from his gates but he tends to just shoot them for a more devastating effect...
As Archer stated, Gilgamesh is a dumbass. He just hoarded those weapons. Shirou, when tracing a weapon, traces the memories of the weapon's usage as well, which is why he is able to fight so well when using Traced weapons, but you never saw that animated (Shirou vs Gil)!
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