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Originally Posted by lost_soul View Post
You asked to make it an open question, so here it goes:

Spoiler for to answer your questions and state my reasons again:
Even if I don't like what other people write, the best way to approach such issues is equally, on a level-standard, as fellow writers. Questioning the professionalism of a (fellow) writer & the values behind his writing is going to earn you more ire than empathy - especially when you indirectly question other writers' ability to review as well.

I will agree that Claymore fanfiction sometimes gets a bit overly explicit - & the amount & fashion in which yuri gets presented seems to be increasing - but I think that the Animesuki thread is probably the most tame, moderated & constructive of all the places where Claymore fiction is submitted. If you throught MisterJB's stuff was overdone, you should see what they write on & Livejournal.

If you think Claymore fanfiction is heading in a direction you're unhappy with, then do the most practical thing: write something, with your impressions & post it here. It'll be a better way for us to understand what you're talking about, instead of getting into personal feud with a fellow writer.
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