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Originally Posted by BPHaru View Post
I saw a preview for the last one a time ago, it looks so cute, and probably it's full color:

Maybe we should gather money here and give you a scanner and something else

Saludos, Haru
It's full color really. One bad thing of it is not enough..... and thank for you kindness. Haru-san (I can't wait for go my friend home in Wednesday. >w<")

Originally Posted by narmi View Post
OH yah Zoung I'm happy you got your doujinshis. I can't wait to see them hahahah and we finally get one more step closer to releasing SPOONFUL. Anyway did you download the Nanoha NSFW v2.0 folder. The doujinsh PunyuPunyu we did with BPHaru, Bed-chan and Anonymous from 4chan is in the folder with the credits. Hahaha when I saw the credits after reading PunyuPunyu in the folder, I was so happy .
I has seen it. That made me so happy too. ^^

a little funny. (last frame I don't know how oneesama(お姉様) in English. and hayate tell about "get camera here" )

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