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They definitely arent girls in normal form. Look at them practicing for that "musical". Shirts that small can't hide anything, and there's nothing to hide. One way or another, in normal form they are guys.

Maybe I am wrong. There does seem to be some real cleavage on the transformed fighters. What had me confused was the fact that they each had some massive white apparatus beneath the tops of their costumes. Watch Star Fighter's personal transfomation in ep 176. Why does he have such a large and obvious ... brassiere... beneath his/her uniform? it just makes it look dumber than the black leather already looks. You'd think such a small uniform would come without any embarrassing undergarments showing.
Anyway, whether they're guys who turn into girls or guys with stuffed bras underneath their tops, the new costumes are just a little strange, and they are guys in their natural forms. So, either way, why didn't they just let guys be guys? Couldn't there be a few fighters among the senshi that were male, and wore a masculine seifuku, maybe a variation of typical guys' school uniforms? Why force the guys to become girls? And even then, they don't get the normal sailor suit. All the other senshi have basically a combination between a leotard and a school uniform for their senshi outfits. Why are these guys different? It's like they were made this way just to freak people out.
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