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Originally Posted by Leo_Otaku View Post
Any word on who is supposed to be writing for this game?
Shirokiri Chika (城桐央) will be writing the scenario, having previously written Kud's route for Little Busters! and LB!EX.

Having said that, Kud's original route was considered by many (not me!!) to be one of the weaker routes in the story. But having read through a few other blog posts regarding Shirokiri's involvement, it seems she was there right from the start in 2005, and has had the last 4 years to develop and flesh out Kud's story. It was also mentioned in the blog that ever since the Autumn of 2007, there had been talk of a Kud After Story, but Shirokiri had always put that out as a joke, until after LB!EX's release when she was informed it was going ahead.

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