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Originally Posted by hoarfrost View Post
another 2/7 are members of an apparently patriarchal, conservative organization... So it makes sense to me for there to be a lack of gender diversity.
There's no reason to assume that mages are patriarchal. Tokiomi's heir is Rin, and not in a "marry her off to a good family" way. He teaches her magic and expects her to follow in his footsteps. So in that sense it's pretty clear that mages are at least somewhat post-feminist. Also, there were a number of female students in Waver's class, and given how elistist the teacher already is, why would he even bother teaching people who he thought weren't even capable of growing into mages over a few generations?

So in that sense, having no female Masters from the Magic Society side of things is a bit of a stretch already. Well, that only accounts for 3/7, so it's not too absurd, but saying that it's more realistic to have no women just makes no sense given what we know about mages.
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