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I thought the ending of Genesis was pretty positive, then again, I was laughing too much to appreciate any serious drama that might have occurred. (Then again, I had trouble appreciating any serious drama in Genesis aside of Touma's "hell hath no fury" act.) And given that the Apollo=dog thing is a retcon it's not hard to separate the two series.
I thought it was positive as well. I liked genesis ending. I could just imagine apollo-silvia reincarnations get together which they did a amata-mikono but i would have imagined it in a way that was not so badly written

i also imagined silvia moving on and living a happy life unfortunately that never happened according to EVOL.

i was amused with kagura's great revelation that mikono is not silvia(cause really mikono isn't like silvia) and his nose is not the way to love someone.
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