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Thess: that's a good analysis and might've been what they went for, but if that's what they wanted I think the writers really executed it poorly (I'm picking on them, not you), because there's been numerous prior occasions when Kagura's seen (or would at least know about) people outside the fated nexus doing stuff like what Zessica was doing for Amata: you have Jin giving up his life for Yunoha, you have Amata doing it for Mikono like three or four times (episode 5/6? again in 13? a few more times in 15?)...I'm probably forgetting a few here honestly, like Andy and MIX depending on how much of the Andy-MIXY battle he actually got a look at.
I acknowledge there were writings issues. Although from your point: Kagura didn't really see Jin and his reasons why he did it (unlike Mykage). There's also less impact if it's not a girl who is doing it (remember the opposites drawn are speaking of man and woman). Plus Jin and Amata were getting something in return. Same with MIX and Andy. Zessica's throwing her life away just like that without any romantic response (he knows this because Amata is fighting for Mikono). There's an expression of utter disbelief to her.

There's also the circumstances to take into account, he has hit rock bottom (symbolically and literally). Last episodes had him realized he killed his father (although it was Mykage's doing). I'm sure there's a lot more in his plate than before, despite his claims. I'm hoping the bluray releases will fix the narrative flow and an awful pacing (sp. regarding their parents. They came out portrayed as really dumb/irresponsible).

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