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Wait... a new OP? Why? When? How?

.... I want it. ^_^

As for my thoughts to when, I suppose it'd make sense to start off the 'second half' of the show with the new OP - being episode 13 onwards, considering it's a 24 episode series. Being as 13 didn't include the new OP, it might just happen after the archer/berserker fight scenes...


Be that as it may.... as soon as I hear it, I'll probably preorder it. Well, assuming I like it! ^_^

And thanks for those shots doughboy! It looks might pretty - although I'm not sure of the box art, it still looks like a 'I wish I could understand enough Japanese to buy this' item. Ah well... R1 away! (well, R4 techincally, but multiregion DVD players = importing).

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