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Originally Posted by Fntc
Also consider investing in a good LD player. The Pioneer CLD-704 can be had for fairly cheap and it is the best of Pioneer's US-sold "regular joe consumer" line (i.e. not counting the Elite line for home theater enthusiast consumers). The CLD-919 LD/DVD combo deck is also an excellent player. Both of these came with adaptive 3-line comb filters that are among the best you can get without going 3D.
What I've got now is a Panasonic LX-101 (I think that's the model, it's in storage on another continent at the moment). I picked it up on eBay for about $50, and I really like it. It looks great over S-Video, and more importantly, it's got a built in TBC, which is great and I really do notice a difference compared to other players.

A good top end consumer SVHS deck will have a 3D comb filter. The JVC HRS9xxx series (I have a HRS9600U, HRS9911U is current model) comes with them. It's a good way to get a good comb filter without buying pro gear. Using the composite output from your LD player and letting the SVHS deck's comb filter do the Y/C seperation will yield better video quality!
I personally refuse to pay for any JVC gear. Besides having some of my older personal stuff break, I used to work in a production house that shot on D9 (JVC's proprietary digital firmat). The video quality was great, but the machines required an insane amount of regular maintenance (every 20 hours they had to be opened, blasted with compressed air, etc.) or they had to go into the shop. Ironically, our JVC SVHS decks didn't need that.

Anyhow, the VCR I have now is a $250 consumer Panasonic. I like it, it works very well for me. It's not fancy and doesn't have a lot of the advanced features, but I've never had a problem with image quality, etc.

Anyway if you have the right gear LDs can look utterly awesome. For instance the contrast between my Japanese Evangelion LDs played on my CLD-99 (along with the CLD-97 the best US-sold player) and the US DVDs is incredible. Only the new Japanese DVD box (which went back to film masters) manages to look better in comparison.
Indeed. I'm really tempted to not bother getting the R1 DVD of Memories when it comes out as I've got the CAV Deluxe box, and it's simply gorgeous. The only thing that sucks is that my LD player can't read the 5.1 track on the LD =(

And oh yah, D1 kicks ass but the tapes are HUGE and short and EXPENSIVE. Much better to use a lossless codec on a computer and save it to hard disk (and burn off across many DVD-Rs if you want archival).
Well, there's a few reasons that I want to go to D1. First and foremost, if I have any kind of capture goof, I can recapture the EXACT frames that I need. Second, if you know where to shop (eBay), you can get tapes for pretty cheap. I buy lots of 10 at a time and pay around $30 including shipping. Third, what will be the capture computer when I get home (the non-notebook) is pretty old, and capturing in lossless means a LOT of drop frames, chances for desync, etc. I also had to rip out my TV card to make room for the firewire controller. Finally, I don't have a DVD-R and probably won't until next year unless 1)I get one for a gift or 2)I get a really great job immediately when I return to the US.

While D1 is still lossy, it has a lot of advantages (easy archival, computer control over the playback source, no loss between the tape and the computer) over capturing uncompressed, etc. And, with a good soft codec, you can still run it through virtualdub. Avisynth won't read it, but vdub does the biggies (resize, subtitler) on its own anyways. I look forward to doing our first LD project in July/August.
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