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Originally Posted by Sonhex
I wouldn't have been surprised if it was a pre-planned memory 'trigger' considering Altena's bias toward Chloe and Kirika was pretty obvious.

Ironic, in the end, that Mirielle made it to the Manor with sheer nerve rather than being 'engineered' by Altena.

Originally Posted by Trax
I still wonder if it was really Altena's intention all along to get Mireille and Kirika teamed up, since she could have avoided this possibility altogether.


Originally Posted by dreamless
That’s why I love this… cliché. This is one of the cliché that is SO VERY EASILY said than done. Sure everyone knows about it but how many have actually done it, not to mention to the extend that Kirika takes? Even more importantly, if they are to face this situation, very few people can actually do it. But Kirika did.
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