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So I started on my copy of A.C.E. R the other day and got through the Code Geass route and started on FMP, and while I like it in general, I'm a bit mixed on specifics:

Unfortunately, they haven't gotten back tot he ~80 story missions they achieved back in A.C.E. 2. Even after counting the three original missions for each story, the three "uniting" missions, and the one split in the story (which consists of only two missions for each side), we end up with just around 50-60 missions, about what A.C.E. 3 had.

I could really do without the Tension System. It's not bad, but it's a bit annoying to have to keep track of your tension and switching between weapon panels when you're already doing high-speed mecha combat.

What the heck is up with the inconsistency of some weapons' attack power? At 6 or so levels of attack increase, the ART-1's revolvers do a pitiful amount of damage, while the Arbalest's shotgun, at 0 attack increase, does 5 times as much damage even when more than half of the blast misses the target.

The melee combat is a little messy too. Often when I move in to attack one of the big bosses with melee, I'll be repelled back from nothing at all, which often causes me to miss the windows when their weak points are open.

The sound is a little glitchy too. In a few places the sound stalls out, and in one case, the sound entirely cut out for me in the entire game. I had to restart the software to get sound back.

The Chase System is awesome, but it's virtually nonexistent in the game; only one main story mission has it. It was in FMP's starting mission, but not in Code Geass', so it's probably not in some of the other starting missions as well.

Aside from all that though, it's a great game. I like how the mechs have their terrain restrictions, i.e. the ART-1 can boost up but not actually fly on its own, and the Arbalest can jump but not boost, unlike in all the previous A.C.E.s where everything could fly. And shields are great, but they kept it from just being "a button you push and that's it" cheap tactic. They did manage to keep most of the missions more lively than A.C.E. 3's bland and simple missions, too.
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