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Originally Posted by haiz123321 View Post
Hmm haven't been here for awhile, so KK, what's the status on the next episode?
I haven't started editing yet LOL. Been screencapping Code Geass R2 Blu-ray version because they fixed the drawings (which are nicer than the tv one and the ones I have now are from the tv one). I'll be cappin M.Bison from Street Fighter after that (he'll have fights with Kenshin in the future)

But here's what you can expect
- Result of Gundam vs Fag (graham)
- Kazuki and Tokiko officially joining The Asskickers
- Interesting stuff between Lelouch, C.C. and Kallen
- More C.C. and Kenshin interaction (I dunno why I love putting them together )
- Kenshin meeting a chick with big boobs
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