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Originally Posted by ChronoReverse View Post
Seems like RH isn't as good at casting as Nanoha is though. It was implied (at least to me) that it was because RH was handling the shield that some of the shots got through to Nanoha (and HOW, Fate's attack magic took physical chunks out of Nanoha).
I couldn't tell what they were trying to imply. "When she was unguarded" how was she unguarded when RH was guarding her? All you do is place the shield in front of you, it doesn't require any movement. At least not to guard against an attack that's entirely frontal.

This interpretation works too as far as I'm concerned. So far the movie manga and tv anime sequences both make more sense to me than the movie version.
What makes the t.v. sequence any different than the movie sequence? Both versions she blocked a Phalanx while being binded and taking no damage.

The one thing the movie had over the series which made more sense...Is that Nanoha binded Fate before firing Divine Buster, so she couldn't dodge it. In the anime, she could of dodged it but chose to tank it instead. Then again, she probably wasn't expecting Nanoha to still have so much strength left after being hit with her strongest attack.
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