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How Nanoha was able to charge Divine Buster so quickly after being hit with such a large barrage of attacks...isn't any better in my books.
Any reason why you think that? Remember in the beginning of A's? Nanoha charged up a Divine Buster in seconds. IIRC, it went: Vita swings, Flash Move, "Listen to what I say!", Divine Buster

The beam misses of course because that short amount of time to charge up is enough for Vita to respond but only barely.

Fate's final spark attack should have definitely pierced Nanoha's barrier in the movie, though. Fate was breaking Nanoha's barriers with relative ease throughout the movie, yet couldn't do it with her ultimate attack.
Yup, bugs me too. Actually what REALLY bugged me was where Nanoha blocked BARDICHE with a shield but somehow a single random energy bullet from Fate shatters the shield completely. And on a whim too since Fate suddenly decided to do it when she noticed Nanoha's bullet from behind. Apparently all the effort trying to penetrate the shield before that was just tomfoolery. In the TV anime, the spark never actually hits Nanoha which resolves the problem.

Fate broke one of the binds before Divine Buster was even shot, and used her spare hand to block it. As for why she never broke her second bind right after DB was finished...Not sure. Shock, maybe.
Exactly. It doesn't take long to break binds which is why it was ridiculous that Fate gave up breaking the remainder entirely.

That's why I prefer the way Fate was only hit because her attack was squashed by Nanoha's, leaving no time for Fate to properly escape (speed requires drawing magic away from protection, spelled out in the latest chapter but implied in the past).

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