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Section.02 Requiem of Connexion I

Alrighty... I'm not sure how I'm going to go about doing this, but I suppose I'll make it a bit interesting. :lol: As if...

We've reached MC (Mars Century) File 1. This is supposed to be about Zechs' past, but alas even two chapters in we haven't seen it yet. Next month, maybe? At any rate, Dorothy opens up the chapter with the narrative she said to Zechs upon her approach to the battleship Libra. Yes, it is exactly as she says in Gundam Wing. Why? Well duh, there's only one way to say it :/


                          AC-195 Dorothy

"Once upon a time there was a person with two names. That person was the direct heir of a pacifist nation, but he wore a mask and changed his name to take revenge against those responsible for the nation's collapse. He soon became a legendary hero of an army. Today that person says he will punish foolish earthlings. What has made him go this far? And can one call this an act of pacifism, or are these the instincts of a warrior? It's possible that this person actually dislikes pacifism, or maybe he dislikes his sister who keeps believing in his father's pacifist ways. I guess no one really know what his true intentions are..."

AC-195 Dorothy
Leaving that behind, we shift to MC-0022 NEXT WINTER. The narrator has shifted focus again, and this time we're told that it's someone who has no name or past. This particular individual was also made to carry out terrorist acts for the sole purpose of being allowed to live on Mars' harsh land. Although he wasn't particularly troubled by it, those around him thought it was and therefore gave him the name "no name". He is someone without a past.

He gives us a retrospect on history and that he doesn't believe in this "past" that's considered "history". Whether he's utilizing this as an excuse for ignoring the events of the past is beyond me, but he doesn't find a value in it and couldn't really "give a damn" about it. Cue the "history of Mars" series:

It was five years ago, MC-0017, that the Martian Federation Government declared their independence as a Martian nation from the Earth Sphere Unified Nation. The revolutionary period of Mars is about two years Earth time. Therefore, itís been about ten years Earth time, so to speak. The representative of the Martian government was its founding president: Milliardo Peacecraft. He was chosen democratically by the Martian representatives and after repeatedly negotiating with the tenacious {steadfast/persistent?} Earth Sphere Unified Nation, he alluded to the sabotaging {obstruction?} of commercial corporate groups of Martian development. Without one drop of blood spilled or resorting to extreme measures like a war for independence, the Martian government gained the right of self-government. Amidst this declaration of independence, those who came to live on Mars started calling themselves Martians.
The narrator continues to tell us that following a "colony standard" timetable was a hindrance for everyday life and that a calendar suitable for Mars was necessary. So in light of the change, the history of mars was isolated from the Earth Sphere.

However, recently, the public order on Mars has been in disarray. The dissatisfaction of a disparate society was on the verge of exploding. In a matter of just a few years, conflict had cropped up in various places. It began with the breakup of joint enterprise development. The deep confrontational gap of the anti-Earth Sphere nation faction and the pro-Earth Sphere nation was deep. The leaders of the Federation government, while making the odds indistinct with their neutral viewpoints, entrusted the quelling of unrest and maintaining of public order from the police force to the military branch.

The chain of hatred toward people who come from different races and religions continued. And the victims retaliated, calling for results and further revenge. So, the current situation was but an eternal dance that unfolded night after night with no end in sight. Perhaps many think this because the system of peacekeeping has not been completed in the Earth Sphere. The Martian people thought that if itís come to this, they shouldnít have become independent.

More than one year has passed.
I'll continue on with this in a little while... I basically ended up translating most of the chapter thus far simply because of the sheer amount of information in it.

So why do people fight, anyway?
Perhaps the meaning of existence lies within their will to fight.
People feel a sense of accomplishment through battle.
And itís also a fact that the ones actually fighting are never perceived as being tainted.
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