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Continuing on with another blurb from the chapter:

A large-scale summit was being held at the Federation government’s central municipality, Relena City, on Elysium island located near the Martian equator. Many important people were invited. Presidential Aide Lady Une and Ambassador Sylvia Noventa were in attendance as well. A frozen hibernation capsule named "The Little Prince" was symbolically set up in the chairperson’s seat in the interior of the conference hall. Although one of the roses with thorns entwined downward onto the capsule was an imitation, it was very beautiful nonetheless. Asleep inside it was an eternally beautiful girl: Relena Darlian, known for her distinguished services with Mars’ terraforming. I heard that she’s still sleeping in the capsule even now due to encountering unexpected trouble during her transit from Earth to Mars, but details surrounding it weren’t made public. Milliardo, the first president of the Martian Federation government {omit this redundancy?}, stood in front of it and was delivering a speech to the government heads and key figures from each nation. He spoke about the history of peace and its simplicities.

I was successful in passing myself of as an escort guard. Turning my back towards him, I proceeded towards the front row. The orders were given during the speech. Just then, explosions happened throughout {around} the conference room. This was according to plan. It was a timing device provided by my comrades. Now, it was my job to move the President and the other SP to a safe location away from the chaos of the conference hall. That was my official face until the end.

I cried out to him, “This way!”

At the same time, I took out a pistol, took aim at the target and pulled the trigger.

The silencer muffled the noise as the bullet pierced the aged President Milliardo right between his wrinkled eyebrows. At that moment, yet another explosion occurred somewhere else. This was also as planned. Taking advantage of the confusion, I escaped outside the conference room where I immediately removed my security guard clothing and put on my favorite knitted hat, drawing it low over my eyes. Its wool was worn here and there and so my comrades often ridiculed me whenever I put it on my head.

But, there was no doubting that I was the one who killed Milliardo Peacecraft.
I expected more detail to this Not just "bang yer dead".

So why do people fight, anyway?
Perhaps the meaning of existence lies within their will to fight.
People feel a sense of accomplishment through battle.
And itís also a fact that the ones actually fighting are never perceived as being tainted.
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